18th Antiracist Festival of Social Solidarity


3, 4, 5 July - POSTPONED for OCTOBER

Pavlos Melas ex-camp


Open the borders between Greece and Europe to war refugees


The European Union, after having abeted  and  organised both wars and imperialistic interpositions, along with NATO, the USA  and the greek participation, of course, raises a wall to the waves of refugees , leading deliberately thousands of people to death. We fight so that  the borders between Europe and Greece are open to the war refugees. We also fight so that the borders inside Europe are open , permitting refugees who reach Greece to continue their journey towards the countries they choose. We demand that Dublin and Schengen treaties be abolished , as they transform peripheral countries , such as Greece, into big concentration camps for refugees. We demand that the barbaric tactic of  arresting people be stopped, and asylum as well as travel documents be given to these people.


We want to create a new procedure of legalisation of all immigrants”without papers”, and a new procedure of citizenship for their children.


It has been 10 years since the last procedure of legalisation , and there hasn’t been an actual way for somebody to be legal in Greece, or to migrate abiding by the law.Most of the people who have managed to become legal in 2005, have now lost their papers, as they have failed to summon up the revenue stamps in order to succeed in renewing their residence permits.It’s now time to claim a new procedure of legalisation for all those people “without papers”; a procedure which will be open, permanent and it will not depend the residence permit on the number of revenue stamps, and it will also provide people with travel documents. At the same time, even after the deposition of  the legislation act , which attempts a small and timid step towards this direction , it is our duty to continue this fight for the  recognition of citizenship to all the children born and raised in Greece.


We want to open a new circle of fighting against poverty, fascism, exploitation and Memorandums.


We know that the struggle for the rights of refugees or immigrants will not have any results, unless it is connected with the struggle for the rights of all of us- local people and foreigners- to work with dignity , to public health and education system, with the struggle against poverty , which was brought about by  the financial crisis and the Memorandum; unless we block the blackmail of our loaners for the continuation of austerity , the

clearence sale of common property, opening a new circle of “ economic development” , which will be based on the ruthless exploitation of both the earth and people.


On the other hand, fights  for social justice and freedom prove meaningless and of no result  unless they include all the poor and the repressed, unless they undo all the separations between the poor and the foreign working people , between legal and “illegal” immigrants, unless they reconsider rascism and fascism , who need us to be disconnected and defeated; unless they are connected with the fight for  preclusion  of social exclusion , which poverty, repression or even social prejudice  towards  the disabled ,  the imprisoned , LGBTQI  people,  or people facing mental or abuse issues. The participation of various social movements in the Antiracist festival  proves and suggests exactly this imperative: to open  a new circle or social struggles, which is what we need  today.


Let’s open our borders!

Let’s get to the streets!